Our Story

In 2002 Felice Dubin, a proud resident of Coconut Grove became an elected member of the Village Council. Her goal was to bring The Grove back to its roots as one of the cultural centers of South Florida. The Grove she fell in love with was a community inspired by artists of all kinds: Writers, Musicians, Poets, Actors, Singers, Dancers and Clowns. It was more open, more engaging and more inclusive. Guided by love the philosophy that every great community is grounded by knowledge and education, Felice saw the need for a place that stood for these values again in The Grove. She wanted to create a place where we could become closer to our neighbors, family, and friends. A place that would create opportunities to bring people together to ask the right questions and shift our conversations from the problems of the community to the possibilities of it.In 2007, Felice, together with her friend Sandy Francis, opened The Bookstore in the Grove.

tumblr_n7f79hBFW51te72mco1_1280Establishing Community

We want everyone to win. Our farmers win because we support them in bringing us the best local products at a price that works for both of us. Our customers win because we don’t make compromises on quality and bring them a superior experience at a price they can afford. Communities win because we support local organizations, create jobs, activate corners and participate in the neighborhood narrative. The environment wins because we make smart decisions that balance sustainable methods with our need for profitability. Our team members win by participating in this higher purpose and the opportunity to build a career of passion, purpose and layered rewards. Our investors win when we achieve and even surpass our stated goals and then they feel the pride of participation. It is our goal to create these winning partnerships in everything we do. Local farmers and purveyors are an important cornerstone of our food philosophy. Most of our produce comes fresh picked daily from farmers not far from us in Homestead, who provide the restaurant with produce daily in reusable eco-friendly containers. We work with a handful of small local farms that use sustainable farming practices. We use organic ingredients wherever we can.